Infinity Adaptive Networks (IAN)


Infinity Technology's Infinity Adaptive Networks (IAN) was created and fielded in 2015 to solve unique U.S. Government mission requirements by enabling users secure, point-to-point communications over any network of opportunity (including cellular, WiFi, ethernet, and satellite).

IANs unique attributes include:

Ongoing development of IAN has yielded a single, software-only Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) platform that automatically applies network policy and automates the PKI certification process to provide On-Demand encrypted data transport and network micro-segmentation across numerous enterprise use cases (VPN, IoT, Micro-Segmentation, Sensors, Mobile Devices, 5G, Mobile Edge Computing, and more).

IAN’s lightweight, endpoint software agent doesn’t require specialized hardware and is centrally managed through the IAN Management Cloud Platform (IMCP). The IMCP doesn’t require heavy administration, thus reducing the need for substantial investment in operations and administration. IAN enables secure communication throughout an organization, from its end users to their IT resources, regardless of where they “reside” – all with a 100% software-only footprint.

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