Securing Data In Transit

IAN makes communications go dark by:

Authenticating endpoints prior to establishing connections or exposing resources.

Generating new keys each time a connection is established.

Encrypting all data before entering the secure tunnel and while in transit.

Obfuscating the identification of the endpoints from outsiders.

IAN automatically applies user/endpoint-specific network policy to deliver secure encrypted data transport and network micro-segmentation, authorizing only those users allowed by network policy to access other endpoints & resources on the network.


Higher Security

Ultra-reliable security and minimized network attack surfaces

Lower Cost

Integrates with your existing network infrastructure and requires no extra hardware

Easy to Use

Scalable containerized infrastructure with flexible deployment models

Precise and Deliberate

Network micro-segmentation enables creation and enforcement of fine-grain policy

Multiple Applications

Premier solution for IoT security, VPN/MPLS replacement, telework, mobile comms, 5G/mobile edge compute and more

Best-in-Class Solution

100% aligned with the tenets of Zero Trust and to NIST 800-207 standards

IAN Use Cases

Utilizing IAN, you can create a secure VPN boundary that spans multiple cloud providers while enabling a Zero Trust security posture for the following use cases (and more):

IoT Security

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VPN Replacement

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MPLS Replacement

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Workers On The Go

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BYOD / Mobile Comms Security

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5G / Mobile Edge Compute

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Security technology that’s easy to manage and use.

IAN’S Features

IAN has unique capabilities to set it apart from the competition. This means enhanced security capabilities for your enterprise mission operations and major cost savings.

Pure Software Solution

Avoid sizable hardware costs and vendor-lock issues; IAN seamlessly integrates into your existing IT infrastructure

Layer 3 Security

IAN goes deep into the network - at the Internet Protocol layer; most security solutions sit outside like a sentry…where IAN acts like a chameleon adapting to the very fabric of your network

Ephemeral Certificates

Session-unique ephemeral certificates protect previous, current, and future sessions against replay attacks

Direct Endpoint Connections

Direct peer-to-peer and multi-peer connections reduce network latency; no hair-pinning and unnecessary points of concentration

Single Packet Authorization

SPA uses proven cryptographic techniques to make internet-facing servers invisible to unauthorized users

IPsec Protocols

Encrypts and authenticates at a high level; increases your data transport security, reliability, and efficiency


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IAN Differentiators

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