Why Us?

We are an Advanced Technology Solutions company eager to provide leading-edge technology system solutions for Federal, State, and Local Agencies.

We continue to grow and evolve from our beginnings as a startup SDVOSB company in 2005 providing advisory and assistance services to a company focused on bringing state-of-the-art solutions to our government clients with core capabilities.

Core Capabilities Include:

Government Work

We make government work better, finding and applying technologies such as Robotics Process Automation, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security Readiness tailored to consistently improve our client’s mission performance.

Our Employees

Our employees engage in meaningful work producing results that matter. They are part of a community that embraces the best qualities of teamwork, collaboration, flexibility, innovation, and actionable solutions with the standards of integrity, diversity, and ethics. Join us while we continue to create substantive solutions that contribute to our national security, protect our environment, and deliver innovations that impacts our communities, nation, and world.

Employee Benefits

At Infinity Technology, we provide our team with competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits
package including healthcare, paid leave, retirement savings, and training/educational opportunities.

The Benefits Package Includes:

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    To meet your individual and family health needs, we offer health plans that include medical and prescription benefits, with a variety of options. Infinity pays 70 percent of medical coverage. Dental and vision options are also included.

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    Life and Disability Insurance

    To meet your individual and family health needs, we offer health plans that include medical and prescription benefits, with a variety of options. Infinity pays 70 percent of medical coverage. Dental and vision options are also included.

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    Flexible Savings Account

    To meet your individual and family health needs, we offer health plans that include medical and prescription benefits, with a variety of options. Infinity pays 70 percent of medical coverage. Dental and vision options are also included.

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    Employee Assistance Program

    To meet your individual and family health needs, we offer health plans that include medical and prescription benefits, with a variety of options. Infinity pays 70 percent of medical coverage. Dental and vision options are also included.

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    Paid Time Off

    To meet your individual and family health needs, we offer health plans that include medical and prescription benefits, with a variety of options. Infinity pays 70 percent of medical coverage. Dental and vision options are also included.

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    401(k) and Other Retirement Benefits

    To meet your individual and family health needs, we offer health plans that include medical and prescription benefits, with a variety of options. Infinity pays 70 percent of medical coverage. Dental and vision options are also included.

Infinity Employee

The contractor’s performance during the first half of the second option year was rated favorably by Department of Energy employees who provide oversight for the contractual performance areas. The work performed by the contractor was in compliance with contract requirements, and the employees are competent and qualified to perform tasks in their respective areas. Personnel were responsive to DOE’s requests and, in some instances, were able to anticipate requirements based on their tenure with the SPR. Infinity Management was viewed positively as well, and provided timely support when requested. The work accomplished by Infinity Technology during this period was beneficial to the mission of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The contractor’s response to the pandemic has been exceptional. Despite not being permitted to participate in regular telework, the contractor has seamlessly adjusted to a maximum telework posture and has successfully supported DOE from home. This is most likely attributed to exercises conducted by contractor management requiring their employees to test remote access at different frequencies throughout the year. This ensures operational readiness of the staff to respond to events that disallow them from working in the physical office. The adjustment period was minimal and the support from management has been unfaltering. While the pandemic comprises only a small portion of the rating period, the adaptability of the staff to ensure contractual obligations were met is indicative of the quality of service DOE has continually received throughout the duration of the contract.

Infinity Audit continues to deliver excellent support when collecting audit responses and researching information. They regularly provided detailed analyses of OIG/GAO/FFPO Internal Audit reports and assessments and participated in work involving cost analyses, procedural audits, and the CFO’s yearly Internal Controls and Evaluation cycle. In the yearly Risk Profile process, the SPR was not required to submit a Risk Profile directly to the CFO. However, Infinity Audit generated a deliverable despite the lack of requirement which was useful in supporting Fossil Energy’s deliverable to the CFO. Required deliverables related to the CFO’s Internal Control and Evaluation cycle were submitted before the due date and the submissions were first-rate. Audit support regularly attends meetings and reviews related to current and future SPR projects which allows them to stay current with work being performed at the SPR. Responses to queries from DOE were always timely, accurate, and informative.

Finance employees have taken a proactive approach to assisting DOE with important deliverables related to budget formulation and execution, oil sales, Life Extension 2, and Program Office requests. They compiled data for the FY 2022 Budget Request and produced final documents that were submitted to Program Office by the scheduled dates. They have provided support on budget execution tasks such as the FY 2020 Annual Operating Plan, financial monthly analysis and reporting, and processing of funding as allotments are received. The staff has also successfully completed special projects from DOE that required coordination with multiple DOE employees in different departments. For the Life Extension 2 Program, Infinity Finance has reviewed the monthly cost and obligations to ensure accuracy of planning and execution. They also attend weekly Life Extension 2 status meetings to be aware of what is occurring with the program. Their reports have been used to brief upper management to successfully showcase data about the program. They are innovative and provide recommendations to improve 3 productivity. The attention to detail exhibited by the Finance employees ensures the SPR is properly executing appropriated funds and planning financial outlays accordingly.

In the area of Drawdown Assistance, the SSC supported the FY 2020 Mandatory Sale during this rating period. For the sale, Infinity IT assisted DOE with posting information to the external site which had to be updated often. They have also supported DOE on COVID-19 initiatives including posting RFPs for oil purchases and exchanges and have been responsive to multiple changes in direction from DOE. Infinity demonstrated a knowledge of the Crude Oil Tracking and Valuation System (COVATS) and successfully created invoices so that DOE was able to approve and forward to customers for payment. The assistance provided for drawdown activities was extremely beneficial to the SPR fulfilling its mission and supported a successful oil sale.

The services provided by the Infinity Information Technology group have been received with much praise from all departments within DOE. During this rating period, the IT group converted and created a significant number of workflows and have been responsive to changing priorities during the pandemic. DOE expressed an emergency need to automate a number of processes to function electronically since the SPR is operating at a maximum telework status and the contractor responded promptly to fulfill the requests. One notable workflow converted during this evaluation period was the Consent Request Workflow. Initially, DOE sought out a cost estimate from an external vendor because the process was extremely complex and would be a difficult undertaking. The proposal was well above the government estimate so Infinity stepped in and was able to design, build, and deploy the workflow using existing resources with minimal cost to the government. This was not only a benefit to DOE to have the workflow operational, but represented a significant cost savings for the task.

Infinity has also provided Skype for Business training to all DOE employees which has proved essential for DOE to continue its mission during the pandemic. They have assisted users with questions and access problems related to working remotely and have ensured that their staff is able to support DOE while working from home. Additionally, the IT group has worked on tasks to support the Life Extension 2 program. This includes efforts to have wireless internet at the SPR sites and rugged tablets for employees. With the support of SSC IT, DOE IT was able to continue the rugged tablet pilot program that consisted of a 60-day pilot at each SPR site. The contractor was an integral part of the rollout process and delivered the kick-off presentation to users at Big Hill and West Hackberry. The pilot was successfully completed in March in part because of the excellent support provided by Infinity.

The IT employees are knowledgeable and work on their own to learn current technologies in information technology. They are receptive to requests that require training to learn additional skills to complete the tasks successfully. The staff is eager to assist DOE with any technology-related questions and are a huge benefit to the successful operation of the SPR.

Over the course of the contract period, Infinity provided key assistance to areas within DOE Technical Assurance. PIV packets were processed in a timely manner and the staff has continually provided valuable written notes and observations for the physical security system testing. They provided excellent support during Force on Force exercises, Security Surveys, and Local Law Enforcement Exercises. They 4 supported the reporting of Security Survey results and provided valuable research for DOE Security Orders. On occasion, Infinity Security has worked outside of normal hours to support the Physical Security Program and has provided excellent support when special topics or unscheduled trips require assistance by DOE.

Infinity ES&H assisted with presentations, researched environmental and safety regulations for DOE, and provided links to data and reports to aid DOE in tasks that needed to be completed. During this evaluation period, the SSC maintained the weekly ES&H action tracker, developed memorandums for submittal to senior management and HQ FE, attended weekly meetings for numerous projects and reviews, created a database for the Draft MOC Gap Analysis, and processed the Supplemental Analysis of Site-Specific and Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements for HQ submittal and website posting for public viewing. The staff is very experienced in OSHA, RCRA, NEPA, and other related program areas. They have extensive work experience in environmental and safety programs which is an enormous benefit to DOE. Infinity was attentive to requests from all of the Technical Assurance group and provided quality work products to DOE. Their support allows DOE oversight to be performed and complex tasks to be executed. It is seamless, professional, and routinely relied on to promote mission attainment.

In the area of Technical Management, Infinity assisted with numerous tasks. They provided assistance with Project Configuration Control Board (PCCB) meetings, updated Enterprise Change Proposal (ECP) statuses, researched historical ECPs as requested by DOE Systems & Projects, and provided help with other technical baselines. They maintained milestone data and completed statistical analyses, monitored and validated the M&O Contractor’s milestone statistics, and supported the overall management of the Control Milestone Change Request (CMCR) process. All of these activities ensure that DOE is able to properly monitor project status and any changes that occur to projected deliverable dates.

Administrative support during the evaluation period was professional, timely, and value-added to the project. Word Processing was extremely responsive to requests from DOE. They supported numerous presentations and published briefing book materials when required. Despite the pandemic, the staff was able to mail budget briefing books directly to Program Office personnel and met all delivery dates. They did an excellent job supporting DOE Program Reviews and adapted to last minute changes in schedules due to the maximum telework operating status of the SPR. During this rating period, effective administrative support was provided to all areas of DOE.

Both Infinity Management and staff were rated favorably by the task area monitors during this evaluation period. Management was viewed as professional and concerned about meeting contractual requirements. They responded promptly to requests and assigned the correct individuals to tasks in order to ensure the best outcome for DOE’s requirements. They have brought in resources to support priorities and ensure timely task completion and product delivery. Management does a great job of communicating with both the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Contracting Officer (CO) to keep DOE appraised of any important matters or staffing changes that have been made. Comments from DOE regarding the Infinity employees frequently reference the fact that employees go above and 5 beyond in response to requests from DOE and are proactive in providing support to their task areas. Overall, the support provided, and the quality of deliverables submitted by Infinity employees and Management met the expectations of the Department of Energy staff.

While the local staff is stable with an extremely low turnover rate over the contract, the HQ staff does not reflect this level of durability. The HQ Vice President position which corresponds directly with the Infinity Project Manager has had a significant amount of turnover over the life of the contract, and other areas of the HQ staff have seen numerous changes as well. DOE’s concerns have been mentioned multiple times over the years and the response from HQ Infinity is to paint a picture of stability with the updated corporate structure while terminating yet another VP a few months later. In spite of the constantly changing corporate personnel, the ability of the local staff to produce quality deliverables and support DOE has been unaffected. The local management team effectively communicates and works well with the COR, CO, and DOE Management.

Positive evaluations were given across the board with evaluators rating the contractor as “Exceptional” in all reported task areas. The work products required by the task order were delivered on time and met or exceeded the quality standards set forth by the Department of Energy. The contractor has demonstrated a desire to improve their knowledge of their respective areas and has provided valuable contributions to the SPR. Respondents were pleased with the support provided by Infinity Technology, and DOE expects a high level of service to continue in the future. The operational readiness and adaptability of the contractor during the pandemic cannot be overstated, and DOE is appreciative of every effort the contractor has made to facilitate a seamless transition to supporting the government remotely.

U.S. Department of Energy

Due to unexpected personnel shortage in Customer Service, Ms. Riegel was selected for Customer Service Department due to previous experience on the team. Ms. Riegel is fairly new to Customer Service and is already a crucial asset. She has been extremely active in acquiring new knowledge and learning other processes pertaining to the Customer Service role. Ms. Riegel hit the ground running by actively providing guidance and assistance to all internal and external customers with questions related to Accounts Payable (AP). She is also the main point of contact for debt letters that are processed in the Accounts Payable office. Ms. Riegel has only been in her new role for a few months but has familiarized herself with the outstanding debt disputes and has been able to issue an additional 24 debt letters in her short time here.

(U//FOUO) Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the office mission. Keep up the great work, we truly appreciate all your effort.

Good morning. Thanks we are well. The team is doing well, working hard and being safe. Everyone has adjusted to working remotely. Thank goodness for our senior Analyst. Mr. King and Mr. Johnson have been heavily involved in assisting Mr. Martin and myself with the COVID 19 policies, guidance, etc, and the development of the new consolidated NGB-HR organization Be safe.

As we have completed another fiscal year, I just wanted to comment on the fantastic support that Barbara, Jim and Cindy have provided my Division. Jim Kanash volunteered some time ago to take on the coordination of incoming invoices. He immediately organized the process, tracks their review and approval to take advantage of any discounts offered, and basically turned a situation that was a bit of a mess into a smooth running operation. Barbara Spruill has been invaluable in executing numerous pre-award actions as well as assisting with Jim and Cindy in executing a large delivery order workload. Cindy, while new to the team, has also helped a great deal with our delivery order workload and is a big help with the pre-award work.

As we concluded the FY, the Waterways Operations Product Line (WOPL) received a record amount of funding to reduce the backlog of navigational assets needed. Barbara, Jim and Cindy were instrumental in our execution of over $17M for the program. With the unusually high number of hurricanes this season, this effort will be greatly appreciated to re-set the aids to navigation on our nation's waterways.

Just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the hard work and talent I receive under the subject contract. Sincerely, Andy Shanks Division Chief Director of Operational Logistics

Please pass on my thanks to your staff for their support of our Program Review preparation. They (specifically-Charmaine who has worked late every day and on her day off ), Carl and James were all outstanding in adapting to the changes we asked them to make, ensuring our deadlines were met. (they actually delivered the product earlier than initially requested).

I’ve been meaning to send an email to commend your staff on the outstanding budget support that they continue to provide on both the day-to-day tasks as well as any special requests. The information request today from PO is a great day-to-day example of them working to get the data in a short period of time. Also, when there are special requests, they always deliver a quality product. Most notably was the recent report on the M&O FTEs and labor analysis—the information that was provided was very comprehensive and thorough. A lot of time and effort was put into getting us a quality report that contained useful detailed information to help DOE identify areas of improvement with recommendations on path forward. We are very appreciative of all the hard work they do to support us!

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